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Business Development

Expert Guidance

The wedding sector is constantly growing which keeps us all on our toes especially when it comes to business development. Next Step Events can offer the following services:

  • New to the sector

Whether you need a guiding hand to bring your first wedding open day to fruition or want a helping hand getting all your ducks in a row. Let us help. 

  • Established

Are you seeing competition knocking at the door or a drop in conversion rate?

We can offer an impartial overview of your business from the first point of contact through to a site visit offering a new perspective. This can even be done as a 'mystery shopping' experience so you can learn how your business is being portrayed through your staff.

  • Administration Support

If you are not ready to expand your team but need wedding enquiries answered  Next Step Events can offer time each day to answer ongoing enquiries, plan appointment diaries, conduct show rounds and even offer on the day co-ordination on behalf of the venue.

If you are ready to commit to a new member of your team we can assist in filtering applications and join in the interview process with you.

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